Current projects

Living Room Music: eleven pieces for septet (2019-20) | Premiere 3.9.20 | Score in Preparation


Scored for fl, ob, cl, bsn, vln, vc, pno


Living Room Music is a set of eleven compositions to be performed by seven instruments (wind quartet plus piano trio) for an intimate audience over the course of an evening, preferably in an intimate space. The title borrows from the salon music of the eighteenth century, wherein short compositions, usually dance-like or narrative in nature, were performed in salons, or living rooms. LRM begins with the full septet, breaking apart into quartets, trios, duets, and solos, and ending with a triumphant return of the full ensemble


  1. Waltz for septet
  2. Barcarolle for septet
  3. Mazurka for septet
  4. Intermezzo I for clarinet and piano trio
  5. Serenade for wind trio 
  6. Variations for clarinet and violoncello
  7. Impromptu for solo piano
  8. Intermezzo II for wind quartet
  9. Ballade for piano trio
  10. Caprice-Cadenza for solo violin
  11. Finale: Galop for septet


New Work for bassoon and string quartet (2020) | Premiere TBA | Score in Preparation


Partita (2019-20) for wind duet | Premiere March 2020 | Score in Preparation


  1. Prelude
  2. Allemande
  3. Courante 
  4. Sarabande
  5. Gigue


Sonata Rustica (2019-20) for solo piano | Premiere TBA | Score in Preparation


Chaconne (2019) for viola and piano | Premiere 9.13.19 | Score in Preparation


Sonata-Fantasy for two pianos (2019) | Premiere TBA |Score in Preparation


Bagatelle (2019) for two pianos | Premiere 9.30.19 | Score in Preparation


Nocturne No. 2 “Starsea” (2019) for solo piano | Premiere 9.20.19 | Score


Concert Paraphrase on Adès’ “The Tempest” for cello and piano (2018)

Premiere TBA | Score in Preperation


Past Projects

Variations on a Theme by Eric Adamshick (2018) | Performed by Eric Adamshick | Score


Avon Yard (2017) | Performed by the Ronen Chamber Ensemble

“the most intimate, subdued evocation of train matters ever attempted in music”


Sonata for violin and piano (2016-17) | Performed by Elly Toyoda & Matthew Bridgham | Score


Fantasy for marimba (2017) | Performed by Doug Perry | Score


Pas de Deux for two cellos (2014) | Performed by Eric Haugen and Victor Minke Huls

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