Current projects

Partita NASA 2020


What started as a “hey write me a short piece for this casual performance” turned into a five-movement statement for two unlikely but complementary wind instruments. Ms. Ratdke and Ms. Ajango will premiere Partita at Arizona State University as part of the North American Saxophone Alliance 2020 Biennial Conference – that’s a mouthful! And so is Partita , which follows the typical structure of a baroque suite, beginning with a Prelude, alternating fast and slow dance movements, culminating in a blisteringly quick and humorous Giga in a Spanish/Italian style. Reeds be damned!

Septet Ronen Hilbert


Three Salon Pieces for septet (wind quartet plus piano trio) serves as a set of light-hearted thank-you notes to Ronen’s three co-creative directors, Greg Martin (piano), David Bellman (clarinet), and Ingrid Fischer Bellman (cello). In 2018, Matthew wrote them a challenging piece for clarinet plus piano trio called Avon Yard. This piece was very personal for him, but also more of a concept than outright music. It might not have been exactly the kind of music they expected from him, but nevertheless they premiered it with such refinement and beauty. Matthew is thankful for their flexibility. To put it another way: if Avon Yard was a big dinner with a healthy portion of greens, Three Salon Pieces is a light yet indulgent dessert.

Nocturne Ratliff Recital


Matthew wrote his first nocturne as a freshman at the University of Indianapolis. His piano teacher during this time, Dr. Ratliff, mentored him through the process of learning it and performing it. Skip ahead ten years. Here he is. Back home in Indiana, this time with a new nocturne based on a song he wrote at Yale (a reimagination not unlike Liszt’s Petrarch Sonnets). It is a fitting and touching bookend to Matthew’s and Dr. Ratliff’s time as student and teacher.

Past Projects

Variations on a Theme by Eric Adamshick (2018) for cello solo | Eric Adamshick | Score

Avon Yard (2017) for clarinet and piano trio| Ronen Chamber Ensemble

“the most intimate, subdued evocation of train matters ever attempted in music”

Sonata for violin and piano (2016-17) | Elly Toyoda & Matthew Bridgham | Score

Fantasy (2017) for marimba | Doug Perry | Score

Variations (2015) for ob, bsn, and pno | Pam Ajango, Mark Ortwein, and Matthew Bridgham

Sweetfeather (2014-15) for voice and piano | Shea Owens and Michael Barrett

Pas de Deux (2014) for two cellos | Eric Haugen and Victor Minke Huls

For more music including video game music arrangements, visit Matthew’s YouTube Channel